ChiReady Programs

ChiRunning technique is an efficient distance running technique. It is the technique that I practice and teach. A sufficient amount of mobility and stability are required to perform ChiRunning technique. Learn strategies to develop and maintain stability and mobility with:

ChiReady Programs are designed to help runners develop and maintain sufficient mobility, stability and postural efficiency for successful ChiRunning practice. Keeping the body ready for ChiRunning practice is the overall goal.

ChiReady Stability Level 1 Features:

  • Content designed to help build sufficient stability to perform ChiRunning Technique and improve running durability.

  • ChiRunning technique is an efficient distance running technique. ChiReady Stability Level 1 was designed to promote success with the components of ChiRunning technique.

  • Content focuses on 4 Primary Components of Running Stability:
    1. Posture Line Stability
    2. Single Leg Stability
    3. Hip Stability
    4. Foot Stability
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home with this online course. Get access to video lessons and downloadable manuals so you understand the purpose of each exercise and how to execute each exercise for optimal results.

  • Content is designed to help runners maintain sufficient mobility for efficient running technique.

  • ChiReady Mobility teaches a series of self checks and corrective exercises.

  • Learn ways to check for sufficient amount and ease of motion required for running.

  • Improved self monitoring helps a runner make informed training decisions.

  • ChiReady Mobility covers general corrective exercises for each self check to help runners restore mobility if necessary.

  • ChiReady Mobility is currently available through virtual or in person coaching sessions.