Efficient Movement Strategies

Running and Walking can be enjoyable parts of your life again.

I teach strategies to enjoy running, walking and staying active over a lifetime.

– Get your run back.

– Remember travelling over the ground with ease.

– You are capable of regaining a smooth stride.

Learn and Apply the Fundamentals

– Efficient Posture and Breathing
– Efficient Running and Walking Technique
– Sufficient Mobility for Running and Walking
– Sufficient Stability for Running and Walking
– Self Maintenance and Monitoring Strategies

Be empowered through education.

– Learn what to do.
– Learn how to do it.
– Learn why it is important
for running or walking.

Get back to Running or Walking

– Return to Running or Walking with a sense
of improved efficiency and enjoyment.
– Learn strategies to sustain these activities
over a lifetime.

Ready to get back to Running or Walking? Lets check your current technique and posture.

3 great options to get your started.

Running or Walking Analysis

The best way to look at your Running or Walking Technique is a Video Analysis.

The analysis provides feedback about what will make your technique more efficient.

Standing Posture Checklist

Learn more about efficient standing posture with this free Standing Posture Checklist.

Use this Checklist to monitor your standing posture.

Posture and Breathing Analysis

Get feedback on your current resting breathing and posture with a virtual analysis.

Efficient Posture and Breathing are the foundation for Efficient Walking and Running.

Ready for comprehensive 1 on 1 Coaching?

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

A Virtual Coaching session includes:
  • Full body assessment of your posture, breathing, mobility, stability and movement technique. Identify barriers that are preventing efficient technique.

  • You learn exercises that build, efficiency, adaptability and durability of Running or Walking. Learn strategies to integrate changes into your day.

  • Learn self monitoring and maintenance techniques. Learn strategies to create a healthy balance between Running or Walking and other daily activities.

  • Running or Walking video analysis is used frequently to provide feedback on your technique.

  • Virtual Coaching sessions are typically 90 minutes in length.
  • You get access to me through email to answer questions between coaching sessions.
In Person Coaching

In-Person Coaching

Currently Offering Concierge Coaching!!! Contact me to set up a phone call.
  • I will come to you. With Concierge Coaching, I will meet you at your home for the Coaching session. Within 45 minutes of Brunswick ME.
  • In- Person Sessions include a full body posture, mobility, stability and movement screen.
  • Corrective exercises to move you towards your goal.
  • Video analysis of your walking or running.
  • Coaching Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length.

My Overall Coaching Approach:

Provide education so people can make informed choices about maintaining an active lifestyle.

Build Efficient Movement Strategies for Running, Walking and daily activities. Efficient movement is more sustainable and enjoyable than inefficient movement.

Build Adaptability of Movement so you are capable of moving well with different activities.

Build Durability of Movement so your body is comfortable with the activities you choose.

Teach Self Monitoring and Maintenance Strategies so you can sustain your own movement health.

Please contact me if you are considering In Person Coaching, want to schedule a Workshop or have questions.


Dr. Matthew O’Connor DPT
Email: matthew@efficientmovementstrategies.com
Phone: 1-207-408-9149
Efficient Movement Strategies LLC, Brunswick Maine

Thank you for your interest in Coaching.